Electric Bikes

Need a little assistance getting up those hills, some energy for the way back, or just the fun of extra speed?  Electric bikes are the way to go!

Order your mid drive Electric bike from 360 Bikes 'n Boards and you will receive 3-years of free tune-ups from your local bike shop by a Certified Professional Bicycle Mechanic on a well built bike.

Why mid drive over hub drive?  There are a few good reasons why we recommend mid drive over hub drive but where you plan to ride it is most important for deciding.  In town smooth surface is good for hub drive.  Hitting pot holes, rough terrain, bumps with the extra weight on the wheel has a higher chance of bending your wheel or other wheel parts.  Replacing tubes and tires on the hub drive option is more involved.  You have to remove the derailleur on some and disconnect the cable to the motor to do so too.  We're finding we like that the weight of a mid drive is evenly distributed and helps the rider feel more balanced on the bike.  Changing a tube or tire is less involved and we're seeing less wheel issues with mid drive. 

The brands with mid-drive we sell are as follows:
Del Sol

If you have any questions contact our store any time.